These eLearning courses are designed to foster greater understanding about this emerging topic for students, parents, and teachers/admin.

This Digital Citizenship course consists of 7 sequential learning modules that cover the relevant aspects of this topic for students at the advanced Primary or early Middle school age level. The duration of the course in entirely flexible and can be taken in one week or stretched over a full Term or longer. This course can be taken by itself or synced with the parent and teacher courses.

This eLearning course is designed for parents and can be taken on its own or in conjunction with the student and teacher courses. This course follows the same topics as the student and teacher course but is presented with the interest, general ability, and relevance of parents in mind. This course will provide a good general understanding of the emerging topic of Digital Citizenship and provides access to further learning resources all geared towards a parent perspective.

This Digital Citizenship course for teachers follows the same topics as the student and parent courses and can be taken by itself or in conjunction with the other courses. This course will provide a teacher's perspective on the topic and includes much information specifically geared towards teacher's requirements, interests and obligations.

This course is designed for those who will be running the Digital Citizenship program for their group.  It explains relevant aspects of the Moodle elearning platform, including how to navigate the site and how to register participants.  

Illustration show the functions of the eModerator

A detailed overview of the instructional design of each course is given and how the role of the eModerator changes during each of the 5 stages* of the program;

  1. Access and motivation stage
  2. Socialisation stage
  3. Information exchange stage
  4. Knowledge construction stage
  5. Metacognition stage

eModeration requires a new set of skills to enhance the learning of the online participants.  It is a delicate balance between guidance and overreach and this balance changes as the program progresses.

Completing this course before the commencement of the Digital Citizenship program will enable group leaders to run the program effectively and (time) efficiently.

* e-Moderating: The Key to Online Teaching and Learning - by Prof. Gilly Salmon